Foreign citizens willing to study at Belarusian Trade and Economics University of Consumer cooperatives are to get an official invitation which will serve as a reason to open a study visa in the consular office of the Republic of Belarus.

         To get an official invitation foreign citizens should present the following documents:
             o a copy of school certificates where subjects and marks are indicated or a certificate on the education being received for last year school students;
             o a copy of passport or another document of identification;
             o a copy of birth certificate;
             o a copy of medical certificate and a copy of AIDS-test certificate.

        Besides the listed documents, their translation into Russian attested by a notary is needed.

        Under-age applicants should present a standard application form in the name of the Rector of BTEU signed by their parents to be able to make the agreements for
            - studying at the University;
            - renting a room in the University dormitory.
         Download the application form.

        The above mentioned documents can be sent to the University by fax +375 (232) 40-60-77 or e-mail:

       1. After receiving documents of an applicant the University performs an expertise examination of the documents and comes too a decision on the possibility of issuing a study invitation for the applicant.
         2. Issuance of the invitation takes about 10-14 work days.
         3. The University sends a ready-made study invitation to the applicant or to the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in the applicant's country of residence.
        4. The applicant gets a study visa in the consular office of the Republic of Belarus in the country of residence. Foreign citizens get a visa in the consular section of the "National Airport Minsk" in case of absence of an embassy in the country of residence.